Williamson Kinematograph


This is a Williamson camera from around 1909. It's in wonderful condition and still has the rare and original Williamson lens. This camera will shoot today.

I’m finding that these early cameras are working their way back into Hollywood. I’m so pleased about this. The latest trend is for Producers to gift these cameras to directors, actors and agents as an extra item along with their customary signing bonus. The list of people that have been gifted early movie cameras is very impressive.

James Williamson is credited with making 222 moviesĀ in thirteen years, starting in 1897 and ending in 1910. His movies were so well done that people asked Williamson to make cameras for them too. Another cutting edge bit of his inventive movie making was when Williamson had one of the first purpose built glass movie studios constructed on his property in 1902. Enjoy the video...











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