The "Wings" Akeley Camera



Paramount Pictures is over a hundred years old. They are nearly the oldest continuously operating major motion picture studio. They have had many huge hit movies but to have made the 1928 movie “Wings” is a huge accomplishment. At the very first Academy Awards ceremony “Wings” is the first movie to win an Oscar for best picture. It is an achievement that can never be topped. This camera shot aerials on “Wings”. It's the only camera that can be directly attributed to have worked on “Wings”.




The camera comes with a 14” by 22” “Wings” Poster, Sheet Music, Program, and a photo of William Wellman’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This is an Akely camera designed by Carl Akely. Mr Akeley innovated a spectacularly, different and amazingly practical motion picture camera. He and today's Mr. Jim Jannard, the inventor of the incredibly innovative modern and new digital Red Camera, have been compared to each other because they each designed an entirely new and very different way to make movies. Both Carl and Jim didn't think outside the box. For them there just was no box.


While researching this camera and it's owner I came across a wealth of information that I'm excited to pass on to you.  There is a wealth of information in the YouTube video. Have fun watching it.


Link to the YouTube Video: